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Peppermill Records

Peppermill Records is a fun little project label based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Peppermill Records
by pk
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This album was created in thirty days by thirty different artists, in a sort of chain-collaboration where one finished at midnight and passed it on to the next to continue the set. With all the different time zones and last minute scheduling issues the project was quite the challenge, and I think that added to the feel of it, these musicians pulled off quite the feat as it turned out quite listenable. 30 Days is free to download, under a Creative Commons license. Click here for more...
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Topic: collaboration
Peppermill Records
by Dr. John
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While awaiting a number of projects to come to fruition, we here at the Peppermill got pretty impatient and thusly looked outside our own planet system for new sounds to promote... more specifically we turned to the popular annual intergalactic radio program Sounds of the Universe and it's controversial dj, the always engaging ex-Earthling Dr. John. So we secured the rights in this system to release its recently aired 22nd episode, and here it is, one of the most dynamic and introspective...
Topics: space, radio, peppermill, ambient, santosh, canada